10 Online Best Buys You Might Want to Spend On this Quarantine

If you think staying at home due to imposed community quarantine brought about by the Covid19 Pandemic means that you don’t have to buy anything other than essentials, think again. Well, I did. The following may not be essentials, but these helped me feel good this quarantine season. These are all available online, so no need to go out. Please take note these are the suppliers that I tried and I’m satisfied with their products. It worked for me, it might work to you too!

1. Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device by Happy Skin

Quarantine can make you feel as if you don’t have to do a lot of facial routine because you are always on that no-make-up-look all day. However, if you want to maintain that perfect cleanliness without doing so much, you may want to try using the Happy Skin’s ultrasonic silicone cleansing device which promotes blood circulation, tightening and oil removal. I bought it from Zalora at P999, which is cheaper than its high-end pioneer, Foreo Luna. The latter costs around P4,000 to P6,000. If you have the budget, go for the Luna, but if you want to at least get the essence of using a sonic cleanser, Happy Skin’s the best buy. I will attest to that.

Package includes (1) cleansing device and (1) charger

2. Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Modern Rituals by HIMA

After cleansing and the last skin care that you are going to put in your face, in my case the overnight anti-aging cream, it is best to help your skin absorb its full potency by rolling in a facial roller. Actually, I was looking for a jade roller because it is the original facial roller that has been trending for quite some time now but since it’s always a sold-out, i tried this Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Modern Rituals by HIMA for P574 from BeautyMNL. I haven’t tried a jade roller yet, so I can’t tell much of a difference. All I can say is that the Rose Quartz does it job. My face feels so soft and relaxed after every rolling session especially if you put it in the refrigerator 30 minutes before using.

3. Sleepwares by Trendy Boutique by Belle

Ever since the quarantine period started, sleepwares started to trend on social media. Many sellers began to be advertised on different platforms with varying competitive prices. Luckily, my former officemate was one of them which made the transactions so much easier and worry-free. If my knowledge serves me right, most of these trending cute sleepwares are Korean-made, Korean-brand or whatever Korean. Therefore, sizes are actually smaller than the average Filipino size. To be safe, order one size higher from your regular size. I am a usual L-XL body type, but I went for 2XL for these sleepwares and it was a good decision. Prices vary base on materials. Silk is a little expensive than cotton. For a total of P3,200, I already have 7 pairs of mixed silk and cotton PJs and terno shorts. As for the quality and comfort, these are definitely a best buy. Actually, I hoarded!

4. Mav Essentials Printed Face Mask by Vurve

There’s a lot of washable face masks available online. Actually, I already purchased different designs and materials from different sellers. However, I only found comfort in cotton fabric masks I bought from Vurve via Zalora. The first 2 sets of washable face masks I had were all made from neoprine fabric which is, in fact, safer. However, the longer I use them, I find it quite difficult to breathe. With cotton fabric, it is more breathable and feels gentle to the face. Some say that cotton face masks are less safe but for me, as long as it passes the self-blow-test, I think it’s doing its core job. Vurve face mask is a 3-ply layer consisting of cotton (first layer), water repellent (second layer) and another cotton (third layer). One (1) set consists of 3 face masks with free individual filters priced at P399 only. It’s both a best buy and a must-have this quarantine season.

5. Watson’s Hyaluron & Collagen Powder Food Supplement

Whether we like it or not, we all age and our skin tends to be more delicate and slower when it comes to regeneration. I was already hearing before that when we reach the age of 30 and beyond, we have to support our connective tissues and skin with supplements because they tend to regenerate at a slower pace. Unfortunately, I was not that keen (or should I say lazy?) to do skin care routine and only now that I realized my mistake.

Anyway, it’s never too late so I searched for well-reviewed collagen supplements online and came across this specific collagen supplement of Watson’s from Lazada. I was hesitant at first because I’m not used to oral intakes other than medicines and vitamins. Now, I on my second box actually which means that it does wonder for me. After 10 straight days of mixing it with my coffee, I can see that my skin looks refreshed and bright even though I am a certified insomniac. Also, I don’t know if it has anything to do with sleep pattern, but I’d like to believe that it helps me sleep better and a little earlier.

6. JBL G02+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In this time of quarantine, music can save our mental health. A quality speaker can improve our listening experience. It was a score when I bought JBL 2GO+ from JBL Philippines at Shopee for P1,349 only from its original price of P2,799. With its portability, you will be able to cook and move around without earphones and enjoy music with great sound quality. Hello, it’s JBL!

Also, online school year is about to begin so this ensures that my preschooler will hear the lessons crystal clear since not every laptop is blessed with higher volume capacity. You might want to complete the school year with this too.

7. Anti-Fog Rainproof Rearview Protective Film by Blue PH

Even if it is quarantine, there are times that you still need to go outside. Rain or shine. Well, I do and rain makes it hard for me to drive because both side mirrors become blurred. Rather than taking the risk on the road, especially this rainy season, I decided to buy this Anti-Fog Rainproof Rareview Protective Film by Blue PH from Shopee at P78/pair. I was really hesitant about this because I have already read some reviews that these films don’t actually work and these are just a waste of time and money. Luckily, I found a reliable supplier and the films actually work.

Applying these on the side mirrors are just like applying a tempered glass on a mobile phone. After that, you just spray water equally then poof! You can already see that the portions without film are blurred except from its coverage. Now, I am more confident when driving under the drizzle or heavy rain. This is a best buy indeed!

Photo grabbed from the seller. Mine are actually already on my side mirrors.

8. Disposable Face Masks for Kids by Orange and Peach

Quarantine makes us more protective of our little ones because they are very vulnerable to diseases and now there is an on-going pandemic, they should not go outside without a face mask. The first product I tried is the disposable face masks by Orange and Peach which a box of 50 pcs. costs P249. It is comfortable even for adults. My son prefers it than the neoprine washable face masks for kids.

It comes with a resealable pack which is perfect for travelling.

9. Glade Automatic Spray in Lavander & Vanilla Scent

If you always want your house to smell good every 9, 18, 30 minutes then we’re on the same boat and you may want to try this Glade Automatic Spray. I bought it from LazMart (Lazada) for P414 . I bought it a month ago and it still keeps on spraying until now so it’s very worthy. I love that it is powered by 2 AA batteries so no need to worry leaving it on 24/7. If you would ask if it is really a best buy? oh yeah!

10. English for Freelancers Online Short Course by FVA Consultancy

Learning is endless so you may want to take advantage of your free time this quarantine by enrolling to short courses online such as those offered by FVA Consultancy. I am a full-time mom for 2 years now, but prior to that, I was working as corporate planner, academic writer and editor for over 12 years. Now that we face economic uncertainties these days and I want to help my seafarer husband in securing our family especially after his contract, I was thinking of going back to work home-based. However, there are many updates now on the writing industry since I stopped working, so I believe I have to undergo some refresher course.

I was glad that an ad of FVA Consultancy appeared on my facebook wall. I enrolled to their English for Freelancers course for a promo price of P1,000 from the original P2,500. The duration of the course is one month packed with 2 live orientations, recorded video lessons and practices which I find very helpful and refreshing. Our coach, Ms. Robbie Lorenzo, is very accommodating to questions and speaks clearly and sensible during orientations. She authored The Freelancer’s Bible for Pinoys and she unselfishly shares to us during orientations some of the encouraging ideas from this best-selling book.

I am now approaching the end of my course and I must say that whew! I learned and still learning a lot. If you want to refresh your English communication proficiency, go visit FVA Consultancy. Certificates are provided after each course.

Yes, we have to be a “budgetarian” most especially in this time of health and economic uncertainties, but let’s not forget our needs and a little bit of wants too if we have the resources. Happy pills can also defeat Covid 19! 🙂

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